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  • High Performance Air Filters

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BMC conical filters let you remove the original air box and provide long life, better performance and easiness to replace.

Advanced Technology and Material Quality

The elastomer used to produce the intake is especially heat-and-shock resistant. It can't be distorted by temperature. The special mesh used for the filtering element enables us to produce air filters for applications up to 700 Hp (NOS or Turbo) without having deforming problems in the filter.


BMC direct induction filters can be fitted on every kind of car. If necessary, BMC is able to supply tubes and rubber connectors to make up a complete kit. For some particular applications, an alloy flexible tube is available to duct cold air to the conical filter. In fact, colder aspirated air means you have a bigger volumetric mass. A greater mass of air gives better combustion and finally, increased performance.

We have Air Filters for almost all vehicle brands: